About CaraballoSkirts

CaraballoSkirts was invented by textile machine designer Miguel "Mike" Caraballo, Sr.


After many years in the cotton trimmings manufacturing industry, Mike decided to invent a machine that provided a solution to the common problem of rubber fishing collars breaking off fishing skirts on Spinner Baits, Buzz Baits and Jigs. 


Mike was able to design these machines to mass produce large quantities of Lumaflex skirts with metal collars that snap into Arrowhead Industry, Inc.'s patented designed lures. 

The results are quality lures with quality skirts that are long lasting and fish love to swallow! 

The senior management of the company consist of the father/son team of Mike and Miguel A. Caraballo, Jr.  

Mike Caraballo

Miguel A. Caraballo, Jr. 

What some anglers and fishermen are saying:   

"reason i like lumaflex skirts is they undulate a lot better under the water, they give off a lot more color, it's really reflective and i don't know why, i can't tell you, but the bass absolutely annihilate it. "


- Bassresource.com

Lumaflex has wonderful life-like action and is almost indestructible compared to other skirting materials. I have had skirts that still look brand new when the skirt collar rots off. For my personal baits I always tie the skirt onto the bait for this reason.
Lumaflex works great on bass jigs, I haven't seen any manufacturer that markets them on a jig (there has to be at least one) but the breathing action they give on a "crawl-hop" retrieve always makes my spider sense tingle. Hope it helps, 

- Jim

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